Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Im back hahahahaha..
okay im going to srart blogging every day from now on.
if not the blog really die.
dun have time change blog skin so just get used to this!
wanted to change to DBSK de T.T
for now totally in love with jae joong.
i siao liao.
today go school first 2 periods pe..
saw 4a2. abit miss them T.T
BUT saw donavan clone!
super funny, how i wish i can ask them stand together hai yaya.
then after that bio.
super boringggggggggggggggggggggggg
almost fall asleep not like naufal.
naufal want got mood hahaha!
after that recess.
met new fren before going to LIT!
MRS rupesh is not as bad as i think hahahahaha
she is fun and hilarious :D
2 periods of her lesson was definately not boring at all~
after that was 2 period english.
guess what teacher never come.
and so is mrs cheah period.
i did all her homework hahahaha
not like last year keep owing mr toh hmwk..
i think he count also dont want to count liao lor!
made a goal must complete all the homework..
Trying to achive that hahahaha
then after that chinese.
got test.
not bad lah retaine got special treat HAHAHA
so it was quite funny.
after that before going home.
went cause way point.
eventually i cnt find 1 at all T.T
walk so much sia.
and no back to my computer to see youtube videos of kim jae joong AGAIN
totally in love with him luh.
dun blame me his tooooo HOT.
suddenly like clara hahahahaha
anw im going out shop saturday whr?
going try orchard and suntec aembawang and stuff
going on a long trip.
i also want to buy mp3 actually.
okay since im here already its time for homework.
so im just going to post a lovely picture HAHAHAHAHA

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh well..
nothing much to do either~
im gonna rock my own world..
im going to create a world for mii to live happiliy..
i want to enjoy myself happily!
"Will anyone rmb my birthday?"

Monday, October 19, 2009

going to post some pictures~

Sunday, October 18, 2009

finally coming to blog..
its been how long since i blog?
i forgotten haha..
yesterday went to my grandma hse..
my grandma going fly to australia =(
i will miss her.. even though she going for 3 months..
will miss her freaking hot chilies.
will miss her talking
will miss her everything..
of course shes my grandma leh!
then went to airport..
eat with her macdonald =D
then say bye bye..
yi lu shun feng T.T
reach home then started to pack everyting.
wash clothes
dry clothes
keep this and that.. finally 10.30
manage to sit to use com..
then chiong audition hearts with JJ (not the school JJ)..
then after that dead tired~
still play maple haha..
then after slept at 1..
damn tired~
anw today also very tiring day..
need to go for wedding leh!
lunch and dinner..
so many red bomb to my mum..
she also getting headache liao..
so anw need go shower and stuff..
just finish linking tsuna!
okay bye byeeeeee

Saturday, August 29, 2009

recently nothing to post lah.. hahaha
but i finally passed my maths..
then went to table tennies..
glad they accept mii lor..
tml going to go liabary..
study maths and read books~
guai leh.. hahahahaha
anw i think raymian going come soon..
still dunno yet need study with them.. haiz..
aokay nothing to do le..
going see my animes and manga..
later study ..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

okay.. I'm actually blogging using my Hp..
Haha ridiculas but Nvm lah..
Today was a tired day..
Ill got nothing to say Anw.. Post tml..
SHIT forget bring chem back..
Need go school tml do zzz
Early in the morning like Wtf rite..
Sooooo goodnite.. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Gonna finally up date my bloggg.
first up some manga i love..
really love yaoi =)
So sweet love haha..
Okay today at school was boring!
First period poa onli awhile..
i failed.. LOL..
Thats expected though since i was sick!
but not bad lah.. 12/30..
still cha that few marks onli..
then after that chinese..
keep wanting to secretly read book..
then still get scold.. AH YA!
sad hahahaha..
then SS.. damn boring nothing much to do..
after that recess abit blur blur de...
after that watch finish slum dog millionare..
Quite interesting indeed...
after that MY NIGHTMARE..
i was sick so cnt really keep my senses up..
abit blur blur also..
then finish lesson ler teacher say..
ahttie u not feeling well?
u seem very tired..
must take care... i was like okay
no choice got flu and cough not i want de..
then went home on9 using hp msn..
after that do hmwk.. revision.. =)
now blogging ler..